Operational design

With more than 25 years in the casino surveillance/security industry with experience ranging from planning through opening and operating some of the most prestigious casinos in the world; we are able to offer a full compliment of operational services.

New Casino Opening:

We offer a complete line of services including development of an opening plan for the Security/Surveillance department to include staffing, development of best practices, policies & procedure manuals, and game protection training.

Operational Policies and Procedures:

Develop best practices for your Security/Surveillance department based on internal controls and casino procedures, including evaluation of documentation and preservation of evidence. Assist with the development of player evaluation practices based upon individual game procedures.

Evaluation of Surveillance System:

We provide a complete evaluation of your existing Surveillance System, both technical and operational and will make recommendations to improve both the quality of video and system efficiency. We can make recommendations to fine tune your digital system for the most effective use of existing storage.

Game Protection Training, Surveillance:

Training targeted to Surveillance operations. Provide indicators and methods of detecting cheating activity. Relate casino game procedures to cheating scams and discuss why certain procedures are followed. Present an ongoing program to evaluate individual skill level of staff members and streamline training to necessary skills.

Game Protection Training, Table Games:

Game protection training targeted to Casino operations. Discuss indicators of cheating activity. Relate casino game procedures to cheating scams and discuss why certain procedures are followed.

Advantage Play Training:

Training provided on Basic Strategy and card counting. Provide methods for detecting card counting, hole card and top card play. Discussions on why knowing Basic Strategy is crucial to detecting Advantage play and cheating activity.

Table Games Play Analysis:

Provide expert analysis of recorded casino play to detect possible cheating activity. We can perform a complete evaluation of your existing video whether for procedural analysis or questionable play.

Compliance Review:

We will perform an evaluation of operating practices to determine compliance with internal controls and jurisdictional regulations.