Consulting services include:

These services range from review and analysis of existing security and surveillance systems with feasibility / cost projections for systems upgrade, to supplying comprehensive new system design services from initial systems schematics through systems testing, acceptance and personnel training.

Array of security monitors

Facilities Review

A comprehensive evaluation of the construction, condition and implementation of a system and equipment for existing open properties and new facilities.

Cost Projection & Feasibility Study

Development of current material and labor cost estimates for the current design. Review of estimated costs, systems budgets, projected operations and equipment maintenance costs impacting the feasibility and cost-effectiveness of the proposed systems.

System Schematic Design

Development of drawings, sketches, criteria and estimates for equipment and system, based on established program materials.

Final Bid Document Preparation

Preparation of technical documentation, including final plans and specifications of systems and equipment as the basis for bidding by qualified contractors and integrators.

Bid Review

Receipt, compilation and review of bids, based on the Bid Documents and the proposed alternate bids, and recommendation of award.

Construction Inspection

Visitation of the construction site to verify proper execution of the Contract Work, in accordance with the Contract Documents, or to clarify work in progress.

Construction Acceptance & Punch Listing

Inspection of completed work to verify conformance with the Contract Documents, and compilation of a “punch list”, itemizing instances of non-compliance.

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